Cucumber Ricky

El’s Cucumber Ricky


Cucumber Ricky – gin, mint, cucumber, lime juice, ginger beer.

Ellen made this one but, apparently, she could not be bothered to post it. Like all of the cocktails so far, it looks delicious.

Em: I “like” the way our pics go sideways…

W: They are only sideways on the phone version. I haven’t figured out how to change that!

Dammit – they are sideways on the iPad too!

Flat Ditch

Wendy’s Flat Ditch

Flat Ditch – dark run, lime juice, fresh ginger, ginger beer.

Doesn’t look very exciting here, I probably could have garnished it better, but it was tasty. It’s like a Dark and Stormy with extra ginger. I like ginger as much as I like good New Haven southern hospitality… a lot. (thx Dumb and Dumber!)

I think this is the one Ellen said she did not enjoy quite so much, yes…?


Down Easter

Down Easter
Wendy’s Down Easter
down easter el
El’s Down Easter

Down Easter – bourbon, apple cider syrup, lemon juice

I think this is my new fav. Especially since I now have a little pitcher of apple cider syrup in my fridge… forever at the ready! It is a dangerous one though –¬† could easily down one after another. I limit myself to 1 (ok, maybe 2) at a sitting.

Blackberry Fence Hopper

blackberry fence hopper
Wendy’s Blackberry Fence Hopper


El's Blackberry Fence Hopper
El’s Blackberry Fence Hopper

Blackberry Fence Hopper – blackberries, honey, lemon juice, vodka, seltzer

Blackberries were on sale yesterday so I made this delicious one last night.

When we added the seltzer it made this weird foam on the top that wouldn’t go away. I mean, it went away when we drank it, of course. Otherwise, thumbs up.

Em: I like this one too. Light, slightly sweet, delicious! Plus I usually have the ingrediants on hand!

Em's Blackberry Fence Hopper
Em’s Blackberry Fence Hopper