slackers we are

Holy crap we lost interest in this fast! Astounding! Do we maybe need specific writing assignments to keep us going maybe?

I started a post on that fantastical snowed-in weekend with you, Em, but didn’t get very far. Maybe you can add a few memories to it and I will add a few, and then maybe Ellen will feel like she was there too… You know, instead of up at Stowe with her fancy husband and fancy friends, doing fancy things like she really was. Like, she totally missed out on that water main repair in your front yard and I don’t think she even KNOWS that!

And Ellen is coming out here in a couple of weeks for work. She is coming to my house for dinner and a one night sleepover. You will certainly want ALL the details on that…

Em: Don’t forget the knitting hangovers!

W: Dammit – save it for the other post!

Need this now!!


Wend- we can get straight to the grenadine and cherries! I’m picking up supplies tonight! El- come drink this with me!!!

2 cups crushed ice

1 cup grenadine

2/3 cup vodka

1/4  cup fresh lemon juice

1/2 cup club soda

6 maraschino cherries

2 lemon slices

Divide ice between 2 glasses. In cocktail shaker, shake grenadine, vodka and juice. Pour into glasses; top with soda. Garnish with cherries and lemon slices. Sip. Ahhhhh….

W: Checking pantry for supplies right now!

I have a child here who is not mine, so I can’t run out to get supplies. We are short just a couple of items – grenadine, club soda (we have seltzer?), and plain vodka (we have citron). Basically we have garnish.   I’ve sent out the bat signal to Steve though, so let’s meet after dinner for a cocktail! FaceTime, Skype, or google hang-out?

Em: I think it’s perfectly acceptable to bring your +1  kid to get cocktail supplies!!! What reasonable parent wouldn’t understand??!!?! I’ll be hitting the packie on my way home- we will meet up on FaceTime or Skype later! Working til 7:30 or so!!!

W: This was waaaay too sweet. Maybe I have different grenadine… bleh. But with like 1/4 the grenadine, it’s probably delicious.



Peaked interest?

No! Peaked ROOF!



Our ladies are now protected from the elements! Good thing too – because their run would be filled with snow if it were still open!! (Thanks New England!)

Hub snow blows a path for them to get from the run to under the deck (their favorite hang-out), AND from the deck to the driveway… He loves those little, egg laying cluckers!

mad skills

imagecrochet heartThat’s right… I crocheted a little Valentine heart.

How’s yours coming Em…?

Em: As usual, I’m pretty much nailing it…

I hope you’re not too hung over tomorrow!

W: Also worked some on that other “snood” so yeh, I’ll probably be pretty wrecked in the morning.

What the heck was up with that? Did I tell you Dad was hungover too? And I don’t think he did any knitting OR crocheting… that he knows of anyway. Maybe he did some fly tying. I wonder if Ellen gets yarn-craft hangovers…

Bully advice

Before starting this blog, this wee blog, our wee blog, I did some blog related research online (of course, duh). Not surprisingly, I found a ton of articles (blog posts, perhaps?) proffering advice to would-be and newbie  bloggers like myself. I have to say, that the blogging community appears to be a remarkably supportive, helpful bunch. I read a ton of stuff.

Most of it was very useful – the practical logistical blah-blah especially. I really had no idea about any of that stuff. Some of it was neutral – info I have filed away in my brain for later use if I need it (yeh, right, I’ll remember that I read something, somewhere that sounded like good advice… and then I’ll go make some cookies).

One piece though… one piece was advice on how to not be “that blogger.” Being a pleaser personality, my eyes devoured this one. There was no turning back. So much DON’T advice! Don’t complain too much. Don’t be too negative. Don’t be too positive. Don’t be too cheerful. Don’t tell people what to do. Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t! Holy Stepford Wives (or something like that)! It was like one of those lists people circulate on Facebook about all the things everyone wishes everyone else would stop posting about – immediately!

And sure enough, every time I go to start a new post, I freeze. And I write nothing. I love to write. That is one of the reasons I wanted to do this blog – I want to write more. I am actually writing less. Mission not accomplished. I let that “advice” bully me. And I’m kinda mad about it (not too angry, mind you), because you know what? If everyone who posted all those postings, stopped posting that stuff, then there would be no Facebook. No one would have anything to post. Then where would we be?

Can I end this here? Is that ok? I don’t really have any more. I think the last of my ADD med has left my system. And the bus is going to be here soon with my kiddos. And I can’t stop thinking about baking cookies.

Em: I’ll kick your ass if you ever write shit like that again!

(how’s that for bullying? No, seriously, I’m asking. Was that good bullying?) #alsoapleaser

W: Thx Em. That’s pretty good bullying, definitely good threatening.

BTW, I made banana bread, since I had an entire bunch of bananas way past prime – thank you dreamy snowed-in extra long weekend in CT! I thought that would satisfy my baking itch, but it didn’t. I am still thinking about baking cookies. I am thinking oatmeal m&m.

Now that I think about it, maybe that wasn’t very good bullying. I am over it and still thinking about cookies. I am sorry Em, you are not a very believable bully.