Cucumber Ricky

El’s Cucumber Ricky


Cucumber Ricky – gin, mint, cucumber, lime juice, ginger beer.

Ellen made this one but, apparently, she could not be bothered to post it. Like all of the cocktails so far, it looks delicious.

Em: I “like” the way our pics go sideways…

W: They are only sideways on the phone version. I haven’t figured out how to change that!

Dammit – they are sideways on the iPad too!

Flat Ditch

Wendy’s Flat Ditch

Flat Ditch – dark run, lime juice, fresh ginger, ginger beer.

Doesn’t look very exciting here, I probably could have garnished it better, but it was tasty. It’s like a Dark and Stormy with extra ginger. I like ginger as much as I like good New Haven southern hospitality… a lot. (thx Dumb and Dumber!)

I think this is the one Ellen said she did not enjoy quite so much, yes…?


Down Easter

Down Easter
Wendy’s Down Easter
down easter el
El’s Down Easter

Down Easter – bourbon, apple cider syrup, lemon juice

I think this is my new fav. Especially since I now have a little pitcher of apple cider syrup in my fridge… forever at the ready! It is a dangerous one though –  could easily down one after another. I limit myself to 1 (ok, maybe 2) at a sitting.

Blackberry Fence Hopper

blackberry fence hopper
Wendy’s Blackberry Fence Hopper


El's Blackberry Fence Hopper
El’s Blackberry Fence Hopper

Blackberry Fence Hopper – blackberries, honey, lemon juice, vodka, seltzer

Blackberries were on sale yesterday so I made this delicious one last night.

When we added the seltzer it made this weird foam on the top that wouldn’t go away. I mean, it went away when we drank it, of course. Otherwise, thumbs up.

Em: I like this one too. Light, slightly sweet, delicious! Plus I usually have the ingrediants on hand!

Em's Blackberry Fence Hopper
Em’s Blackberry Fence Hopper



Trapping Season

With the distinct aroma of skunk in the air, the little paw prints that have appeared in the snow around my front porch, and the recent sightings of our little black and white “friends,” I now declare the 2015 Trapping Season: OPEN!

Marshmallows have been purchased and the innovative design for my new trap tarp is almost complete! (Side note: do you think Chris PRATT will take PART endorse my TRAP TARP??  Seriously! How could he not?!?!!?) I will strike early and often!

I had worried that my Good Samaritan neighbor may have grown weary of his “skunk taxiing” duties over the long winter, but a recent encounter has renewed his interest, and he promised that if I do the catching he will continue to taxi and release! Hooray! There is no way in Hell I would ever carry a trap with a skunk in it, let alone put one in my car!!!! He crazy! Good thing my talents lie in the trapping portion of this operation!


Em: March 18, 2015



Em: March 19, 2015.

I got one!

imageI am the BRAVEST person ever!

I covered, lifted, and walked this guy across the yard to the other side of the fence so my neighbors, the letter carrier and our UPS guy wouldn’t have to face a skunk today!!!