Boot: day 2

I am bored. Boredboredboredbored. Bored. I am almost done with Dragon Fly in Amber, the second Outlander book. Not that I started the first or second since the booting – I started the first one as soon as we got back from vacation (OMG I can write about that- that was NOT boring), so like 3 weeks ago. Love-love but, as it turns out, I cannot sit around all day and read. Not every day anyway. I am even a little bored with day dreaming about being magically transported back 200 years in the Scottish Highlands. Sleeping out under the stars, riding horses, dodging red coats, and drinking nothing but wine and brandy all day, every day with a kilted Scot… Oh wait, that last part I have for reals, don’t I? I need to get him to wear that kilt more often… And he should learn to ride a horse. And maybe get into sword fighting. I will have my work cut out for me there I think. We are going to Scotland in a few weeks, and we are going up into the Highlands for a few days, purely by coincidence I assure you. He is hooked on the Outlander tv series with me, so I think I can get him to take me to go see the castles they use in the show. There is one right near where he grew up and his dad lives. He never wants to go to castles, but I make him go for the kids’ sake. Yeh, the kids like castles.

I have real work to do, but I don’t want to do it. Too bored. So I found a pair of curtain panels today, that I bought on huge sale at The Company Store Outlet months ago, and I found a tension rod; and the window clings I put on our bathroom windows started peeling off, so I peeled them off and I cut the panels and hung them up in there. I didn’t finish the edges yet, just tucked them under so I can get used to the look and see how I feel about it before I haul out the sewing machine and finish the job. And I was losing interest in the project.


Yes, the singular. One orange. We have one wee orange on our wee orange tree.

One wee orange
One wee orange

It has been hanging on, and growing, and ripening for a good long time now… I want to say eight months…? It had siblings, initially. The wee orange tree, being all of maybe 18 inches tall, set the others free at the small green marble stage. There were four or five of them at one point. As each one dropped, we mourned the loss, fully expecting them all to go sooner or later. But the one hung on, and here we are. Not sure what to do now to be honest. How will we know when it is ripe? Will it fall off on it’s own? Totally afraid we are going to leave it too long and miss out!

I got the boot

As if my life wasn’t boring enough already…


“Nothing!”  is what my doctor said I am allowed to do for at least the next 2 weeks. I get it – no running, no trampoline, nothing like that, but what about every day stuff? So I asked, “What kind of nothing are we talking about here? Walking my dog…? Dog’s gotta walk. Spin class…?” He was all, “No and N-O-no! Someone else is going to have to do all that stuff – the dog walking, the hauling laundry baskets, grocery shopping… and spin class is going to have to wait.” He said he would see me in 2 weeks and we will see where we’re at (in terms of spin). And that now would be a good time to catch up on any reading I’ve meaning to do.


I don’t get it…


What the hell… a needy sweater?

sweater tagWhat the hell is this?! The emotions this sticker has evoked in me are swinging wildly between “Oh dear, of course! You delicate thing…” and “Don’t friggin tell me what to do! The last thing I need right now (nay, EVER) is an obnoxiously needy sweater! I hope you know that you WILL be going in the washing machine.”  Of course I will wash it on gentle, but still.

Em: For some reason, I thought El wrote this- and I couldn’t make sense of the fowl language and strong emotions being thrown  about. Then I realized it was you, Wend…

W: I have mostly two sorts of things going on in my life – the mind boggling mundane (tendonitis on the top of the foot, anyone?) and things I can only talk about on the down-low. This fell into neither category. It is in that “other” category with my feelings on chocolate jellybeans.

Somewhat related: Hamish has started barking and huffing at (what seem like) random noises. He is turning me into a busy-body, as I get up (totally cas’ of course) to see what he going on about. It has been nothing every time. Ok, every time except one – but that one was just a woman walking by with her two dogs. I don’t think they even stopped to pee on the tree out front so even they were, essentially, nothing.


Chicken Harness

I was going to build a pope-mobile out of our wagon so we could take the chickens for a walk.   Maybe I should just invest in a few of these….

W: I saw these online!!! Did you get some?! And please do not give up on your Pope-mobile  dreams. I imagine taking chickens for a walk might be a bit like taking a toddler out for a walk…

Also, I did try to write this below the picture, but it seems to be determined not to cooperate… heheheh… (coop)erate…

Em: Nice- I love a good pun!

We did not purchase- yet. Strongly considering! I would love to add “chicken walker” to my resume.  Or maybe “flock walker”- yea, I like that!


Trapping Tally 2015

Em: I live in a van. Down by the river.

W: I saw a raccoon last night.

Fun fact: I say “raccoon” with the emphasis on the first syllable; my husband puts it on the second. I know you are saying it over and over to yourself now. You’re welcome.


Skunk total: 2

Two weeks ago I set the trap out back, by the hole under the shed (that’s where we caught most of the skunks last year). Each morning I would wake up and run down to check the trap, and day after day- nothing.  This led me to believe that maybe there were no skunks back there. So, fast forward to Good Friday- (M’s birthday party was rescheduled to that day after a week of fevers cancelled her friend party the previous week). I took 8 ten year olds to the movies- we saw Home- it was super cute- I cried a few times…  After the movie, the girls came back to the house for lunch.  While I prepared M’s traditional birthday party meal of pasta with butter, and cut veggies, one of the girls came running into the house yelling, “There’s a SKUNK in the trap!!!!!” Next thing I know, the girls running toward the skunk! That’s right, they were running toward the skunk. W.T.F.?!?!?!?! Um, hello??? If you get sprayed, you’re walking home!! And, I WON’T help you!!!

Once I coaxed the girls away, Hub ran out, covered Mr. Skunk, and moved him to a “safer” location. These crazy girls were like honey badgers. They didn’t give a $h%# – they partied on like that skunk was nothing!

End result- another skunk on the tally! Hooray!

Skunks: 1

In hind sight, this post may appear to be giving the skunks 1 point. I assure you, the skunk sitting in the trap, under a tarp, on the side of my house would not consider himself to have “1 point”!

In fact, it is I, Em, who has 1 point!!! Maniaclelaugh! Maniaclelaugh! Maniaclelaugh!!!!!!!



Craziest thing… My face didn’t freeze when I went outside today… It’s not even snowing out! Weird, right??? And get this- my windows are OPEN (don’t worry, I labelled them as such so not to confuse anyone!).