Now what?!!?!

Great. Now it’s been so long that I don’t know where to begin! So many things I could write about…

My lack of skunks (so far)

The very bold groundhog who sees my coneflower as his own personal buffet

Mumfry’s attempts to be broody

How I managed to buy the largest pack of the poorest quality toilet paper imaginable

My quest for the perfect strapless bra for a small busted woman (me) (and by “perfect” I mean acceptable- one that fits, isn’t horribly uncomfortable, and doesn’t make my chest look lumpy or bionic). And, even though Oprah tells me otherwise, I really do want (and need) to wear a bra!

I’m also looking for suggestions on how to get the pollen off of EVERYTHING! I tried washing my deck yesterday and it seemed to help… Until the deck dried and I realized that although the pollen got wet, it DID NOT wash away!

Oh! And I got this great outdoor clock for my deck from Walmart! It was $7! I thought it broke when it fell last week (well… It was broken except for at 5:37 AM AND 5:37 PM – and I thought that was acceptable for a $7 outdoor clock from Walmart!) But last night, I fixed it! Hooray! Apparently the battery had just popped out a bit!

W: First of all, welcome back. Second of all, the perfect/acceptable strapless bra does not exist. In order to stay put, it must be uncomfortable. I don’t know how else it would work. Third of all, pollen sucks – the herpes of nature, if  you will… AND it comes out in full force just as the weather gets warm enough that we want to open our windows and let in a little fresh air after a long, stuffy winter. So gross. I can feel  it coating inside my nose and throat, making me all gooey. Luckily I am not running right now (boot: week 5) so at least I am not out in it like that. And fourth of all, done that with the clock!

I don’t have comments on the other stuff. I mean I am glad you don’t have more skunks. I had a chimpmunk climbing up my screen door today. I know I should have taken a picture for you guys to see, but I freaked out about the chimpmunk climbing my screen door, so I just opened the door fast and made a really loud angry sound at it. It hesitated before jumping down and running away, and that has me a little bit worried about the chimpmuks living under my porch…

Em: I’ve told you how to take care of those chipmunks… And what’s your beef with the clock? It’s working ALL the time now!

And, plus to that (that’s a little quote from one of my UConn TAs)- I forgot to tell you about my light electrical work (pun totally intended)… I repainted our outdoor lights, house numbers AND doorbell – giving them new life! Seriously, I  revived them from the dead! No electrical work needed on the house numbers by the way! Should I have used a comma in there?

W: No beef with the clock! I meant that I have done that before too – didn’t notice that the battery was popped out a little bit. Pop it back in and voila! Mom fixes it and looks like a rock star! I’ll take it!

Way to go on the house maintenance. I attempted to wash pollen off the grill this morning. I scrubbed. Then put the cover on… the cover is covered in pollen and other assorted backyard crud, but that’s what the cover is for, right? Next is my porch… the ceiling especially. I have to piss off a number of wood bees and nasty looking wasps to do it though so I keep procrastinating. Wish me luck.

Boot: 2 weeks, 2 days

Crutches! How did I forget to use crutches? duh. Two more weeks booted, but at least I can get around a bit more without putting weight on the piggies. duh. duh.

Lucky thing I remembered – found my self crutching all over Kohls today, looking for khaki pants for the boys. Made a full lap before locating the boys’ section. And now it looks like I am heading back tomorrow afternoon (boys in tow this time) to exchange the pants for ones that 1. might actually fit 2. they might possibly wear again. Tall order. They only need them for this play on Saturday… grr.

Luckily, we had already arranged to visit Dick’s (heheheh) in search of baseball bats tomorrow afternoon, so the boys are not too much put out over the shopping excursion. In fact, there is a good chance that most of the whining and complaining will be coming from me, not them.

Maybe I should plan to pick up another bottle of my latest fancy… I love you, sherry (but not that white one with the bulls on the label – that one was yuck and we poured it out).

Boot: day 6

It’s Monday. I have decided not to be bored today. It is 2:30 now and I am tired. I stayed (mostly) off my foot, as best I could whilst cleaning out my closet this morning. I spent nearly 3 hours swapping winter and summer clothing, throwing things into a Goodwill bag (and then  on the floor next to the bag once it was full), and removing hangers. I got a lot of hangers. Most annoyingly – a lot of different hangers. Now all of the hangers I have decided part ways with are laid out, somewhat neatly, in piles on my bed. Not on my side, of course, heheheheh.

I should probably give hub a heads up about the shit load of hangers on his bed. And the pile of clothes on the floor that didn’t fit in the bag. He loves to donate clothing. And he hates that I don’t keep track of what I’m chucking into bags to give away. This way, I’m helping… right? I don’t have a positive spin on the hanger situation.

Hub loves to come home to not quite complete projects. He’s like my closer.

Tonka Truck Dremel

I don’t even have a pic for the Dremeling I did today. I  seriously have nothing to show for the nearly 2 hours I spent hunched over one truck. The little wire brush is slow going on all the rust and chipping paint. Way slower than I thought it would be. Maybe once I wipe it down it will look noticeably different… Unfortunately, I have run out of caring about this project for right now.

Project Tonka Truck

Started a new project today: Tonka Truck Restoration

Step 1: cleaning
Step 1: cleaning

These beauties have been under the deck for about 4 years now – pretty much since we moved here. This makes me sad. Before we moved here, my boys l-o-v-e-d these trucks. Had them out every day hauling dirt, mulch, piles-o-weeds, and racing around. Woe-betide the poor toad captured by their wee small hands, for it was destined for the ride of it’s life stuffed into the cab of one these trucks. A toad driving a dump truck – life just didn’t get any funnier for my kiddos. I set many a dazed and confused amphibian free during nap time.

Anyhoo… Mom saved my Tonka truck for my kids to play with, so now I find myself hoping to do the same. I had the boys drag them out into the grass, and start cleaning them up. Then I cleaned them myself. Spent a couple of hours today scraping tape and Magic Erasering Sharpie. There is still a ton of tape adhesive that I can’t work off… largely due to my short attention span.

Tomorrow, I Dremel…