My kids were at camp for a week and I did nothing

It’s pretty much true. I had Monday to Friday all to myself and I did pretty much nothing. Not like nothing-nothing, but nothing useful. Nothing that I couldn’t have done with them here. In fact, it took me 2 days just to settle in and figure out that I didn’t have the kids here. I was a total loose end. I had zero structure to my days. By mid-day Wednesday I finally started to freak out about how little time I had left to myself and then Ellen popped in overnight and then Steve and I decided to take the rv up to Wisconsin the night before camp pick up and there it went. I managed a mani-pedi Wednesday afternoon. And texting with Ellen about her maybe coming out for an overnight or not. She did. I had to pick her up. Luckily, I was free.

Road Trip

So here we are, riding along the interstate highways of New England. I’m am working on my singing voice; having decided that maybe my problem is that I haven’t been singing in my full voice, I have switched from my polite car voice to my full, belting it out voice. Me and Little Big Town singing about our Girl Crush.

While on the road we like to play family games, such as the alphabet game (using only signs (unless we absolutely can’t find a J or Q, then sometime we allow the use of license plates)). The more popular game of late is the State Plates game (where we try to see license plates from as many of the states as we can. Then, as an added bonus, we practice the 2 letter postal abrieviations (we really know how to have a good time!)

After our last round of this game I had planned to print some blank maps of the states so we could color them in as we saw  them (more geography!). Well, as soon as we got home I forgot to print the maps and didn’t think of it again until an hour in this trip. Hub suggests I draw a map (just to be a smartass! And possibly to get me to stop singing… I guess we’ll never know his true intention)