Yesterday I made myself an iced coffee to go (oh, how I love iced coffee…). I grabbed my fresh coffee, my bag of items I was about to return to the mall, and my keys.  As I leaned over to  slip on my sandals, I noticed that I was spilling ( by spilling, I really mean pouring) my coffee out of my cup and onto/into my bag of returns. Oh s#%^t (that’s oh shit!) I rushed over to the sink and wiped everything clean, my cup, my bag of returns, my arm:0/. As I turned back toward the door the light caught something on the floor and glistened as if beckoning me over to investigate. A little drop of coffee on the floor… Wait is that a trail of coffee across the floor all the way to the back to the door? Indeed it was. Spent the next few minutes on my hands and knees wiping up the ridiculous mess I had made. I was was careful to make sure I had cleaned the whole mess before tossing all my paper towels in the garbaggio, and cleaning my hands, and heading back to the door. Once again, at the back door I leaned down to put on my sandals when, son of a bitch! Are you kidding me??? There was coffee dripping down the wall!  What had started as a little wipe up of a little drip of coffee had turned into a coffee bloodbath! It was literally everywhere.

W: Son of a Nutcracker! What the hell kinds of things were you returning that could just be wiped clean of delicious, sticky iced coffee?


Trucks Didn’t Happen

Tonka truck work didn’t happen today… again… still… I finished the book I was reading instead – the very last of the Outlander books. I have been living in them pretty solidly since April. Now I feel like a lose end… Perfect for projects like these damn trucks, right?! The paint cans are still on the floor in the mudroom. And the trucks are still piled up out on the porch.

Sorry Mom!

We have been big time slacking here. But now that I am rid of all of my pesky house guests, I think I am back. For this moment anyway. And only really for a sec. I told Tanya I would walk dogs with her at 10 and it is 945 now. Dog is stinking.  And getting antsy. I don’t know why… He was running around at daycare for 4 hours yesterday morning and then I walked him and ran around with him at soccer practice for an hour last night. He should still be tired. I know I am.

I might have another go at those Tonka Trucks this afternoon. I took down the little shelf where I was keeping the paint I bought for them, so I think I should probably use it. Right now it is just on the mudroom floor… with many other now homeless items. The little shelf (x3) was getting in the way of the screw I needed to take out an in on the dryer lint trap thing and I finally got fed up with looking for a really short screwdriver and just took down the shelves. Problem solved.

I need to get a handle on the tool situation here. But that is a project for another day. Maybe today though…