What Oreos?

Phew! Dodged a bullet! I almost had to put away an almost empty Oreo pack… But at the last second, as I contemplated what to have for breakfast, I gobbled up the last one. Now I can enjoy my scrambled eggs (fresh eggs, of course- and how delicious they are as my chickens have been enjoying left over Christmas prime rib and shrimp for the last month) without the bother of that pesky pack of Oreos sitting on the counter.


There’s been a lot of buzz about Snowzilla- how we’re going to get crushed by this storm. Well let me be the first to say that this storm is totally lame-o here in central CT. It’s been snowing like crazy for several hours and the winds are whipping! But the accumulation total is still hovering around 2 inches. WTF?!?! I want real snow! I bought wine and nacho fixin’s! I’m ready for a storm! 45 minutes south of here is filling up with snow… Show-offs! Stop hogging all of my snow!

Also, we went skiing yesterday with some friends. While waiting on the lift line I was figuring out the numbers and who’d ride up with who (or whom??). Hub and kids together (they were in front), then 3 boys (aged 9-13) and me for a 3 person lift. I tell the boys to go together and I’ll ride alone (I’m fine by myself!).  BUT- one of the boys says, “I’ll ride with you, Mrs. G.”  I responded with a surprised, “Really?” And he says, “You’re not lame. I’ll ride with you.” So needless to say, I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now… Holla!


maybe it’s just the coffee talking

Had the most delicious lunch downtown at Eataly today with my she-peeps! A lunch like that calls for a glass (or two) of wine, of course. And by “a lunch like that” y’all know I mean just “lunch with my she-peeps” right? Being the responsible parents that we are, we were home by 3, but holy cow that second glass was dragging me ever closer to a horizontal position on the sofa with the strength of… of… Well with the strength of a second glass of wine with lunch, I guess. We bargained back and forth for a while (me vs wine) and finally settled on a compromise where I could lounge in my big comfy chair for a while, but I  must only read Orphan #8 – the disturbing novel/historical fiction about an orphaned child who was subjected to medical testing in an orphanage in the 1920s. And then COFFEE! Just an espresso. ESPRESSO! I am awake now! Which is good because I have to rally and get my butt out to meet with the guy who is reworking the website for our local educational foundation, of which I am the fearless leader. We are all volunteer, so I am genuinely grateful for the help. I was making a complete pig’s ear of our current website. I am not a web designer. I have no web designing skillage. And yet, I was handling the upkeep of the website. Let’s go ahead and use that word “upkeep” pretty loosely. Mostly I just took it over from another person who was also not a professional web person, so imagine if you will a copy of a copy of a copy… But now I am energizing and looking forward to learning all about this new website. It is supposed to be much easier to organize and navigate. I will bundle myself up and trek out into cold and snow to meet… ugh I am talking myself out of it already. Maybe I need more coffee. Or will that just make my heart beat that little bit too fast so I can’t actually focus on anything? Probably that. I should have re-ADD-medicated on the drive home, that would have been early enough but now it’s too late. I would be up all night. This is shitty writing. I am not sure this even has a point. The End.

E: Best. Name. Ever: Eataly. Seriously, mind blown.

Also, I get it. About the coffee. Some is good. But don’t go over the line. A tad too much and you might as well be hammered. Useless!

no school today

No school today. Forecast? High of 8 with wind chills down around certain frostbite, aka -20ish. Instead of skiing like we planned (ok let’s be real, we are in the f-ing midwest – “skiing”), let’s go the Adler Planetarium! Along with about a million other people, most of whom brought the youngest kids they could find. So very many over-tired, over-stimulated, over-whelmed little, little kids. And their haggard parents. And their strollers.

By about 1:30 it became too much for me and my three 11 year olds, and we broke free. We were spaced out. We made a run for it.

Country mice back in our natural habitat…

True Story

True Story:

Son: We’re studying the digestive system, and we’re doing a play about it. Guess what part my partner and I got!

Me: What, what part did you get, son?

Son: We got the rectum!

Me: What? Did you just say rectum?

Son: Hey, at least we didn’t get the anus!

Son: We haven’t figured out how to make our costumes yet. I’m not sure what they should look like.


WW: So…  I like his positive attitude…? Did you immediately accuse him of being full of shit?! WTF middle school?!