The Saga Continues

W: I’ve heard that some of the skunks in Lake Bluff are thinking about relocating to the east coast. There is rumor about a delightful “skunk sanctuary” somewhere in CT, maybe near Hartford…?









This pic is from yesterday. Looks like someone escaped! Perfect!

So I secured the chicken wire around the edges, ensuring no one could get in.

Fast forward to 4:00 this morning. I was awakened by the soft patter of rain. It was a mild, beautiful night so we had left the Windows (what’s up with autocorrect not allowing Windows to be spelled without a capitol w?) open for the first time since the Fall. As I am being lulled back to sleep a nagging question creeps into my sleepy mind… why can I only hear the rain from the from Windows? And why does it sound more like someone plucking wire strings? Hmmm.

Crap. I know exactly what’s happening. Either Mr. Skunk-face is trying to get into, or out of, our newly secured skunk sanctuary. So- at 4:05 this morning, I found myself creeping downstairs and peeking through the blinds, trying to figure out if which direction Mr. Skunk-face was thing to go. Now, I didn’t want to risk surprising him, so I didn’t go outside to see for sure, but since I didn’t see anyone on the outside, I must assume he’s locked on the inside, trying to get out.  It’s 4AM and I’m not willing to lean over the stairs to release the chicken wire putting myself face to face with the stinker-so I headed back to bed… And try to convince myself that I’m not a terrible person for leaving the vermin locked in our skunk jail.

Of course I didn’t know that I’d end up working all day- then going straight to pick-up, drop-off, pick-up, drop-off for after school activities… The sun has now set- and it’s dark again- and I still haven’t gotten a minute to create an escapee way for our prisoner! Ack! Why oh why did my skunk removal partner move away??!?!?!


Stupid F-ing skunks. That’s all I have to say. Except it isn’t. One morning last week I peered out the window to see how much snow we’d gotten over night – not much. And as if that wasn’t disappointing enough, I also saw little footprints leading from the street, straight across my lawn, and under my front stairs.   I suspected skunk. And my suspicions were confirmed the following morning when I saw Mr. Stink-face saunter across the lawn and straight into the apparent skunk sanctuary under our front porch. What an a-hole.

I mean really! We have secured the whole perimeter- except the area under the front steps… (Please see below). After all the work burying the fence all around the porch and shed, you may wonder why we didn’t finish the job. Well, Hub needed to repair the brickwork in the walkway yada, yada, yada… One thing led to another, winter, blah blah blah, something shiny- and so on and so on.


Since I despise skunks- and my skunk relocation partner recently relocated himself- and apparently, is no longer interested in relocating my skunks, we had to take matters into our own hands and button up this last little entry point. The main problem is that we currently have a critter under there. If we seal it up, Mr. (or Mrs.) Stink–face will try, unsuccessfully, to get out, and eventually kick the bucket under our porch and stink the place up while he takes his sweet time decomposing- what a jerk.

We decided to cover the entry loosely with chicken wire, hoping he will leave- and NOT get back in. Here’s a pic:


Subtle difference from the pic above, you have to look closely. Will it work? We shall see. Are you wondering how we’ll know if Mr. Stink-face exits? A little trick I learned from Duck Dynasty:


Sprinkled a little flour at the exit… Will check for foot prints in the AM!!

Here’s a bonus pic of us cutting wire. Just because. You’re welcome:0)