In case you need ANOTHER reason not to buy crappy (heehee) toilet paper:
Hub bought some CTP (crappy toilet paper) for his annual guys island camping trip (because they’re guys. On a camping trip) It went unused -and ended up in our basement for a while -then somehow worked it’s way up to our upstairs bathroom. At first I was just annoyed because it was so skimpy that I needed a TON of it-, but then, as the WEEKS dragged on, I realized that I hated it for a second reason as well. It’s so skimpy that there are LITERALLY hundreds of miles of it wound onto the cardboard roll! WTF!!?!?! It never seemed get any smaller! Finally last night- hub whipped to off the hook and we tossed it around the house, wrapped the daughter up like a mummy with it, and still had to throw most of it out!!!!
And, now, finally- ahhhhhhhj…..sweet relief of normal TP!
Seriously, spend the money. It’s worth it.