Backing Away From an Angry Cat

Some people like to decorate and undecorate  for the holidays in one fell (or is it full?) swoop. One day their house is normal, the next it’s as if Christmas threw up all over it. And then it all vanishes by January 1. It’s as if NOTHING happened! No trace of Christmas at all! Not me. I like to start sneaking decorations into the house in mid November -s-l-o-w-l-y. You might not even notice it at first. Just a few snowmen here or a some glittery beads there. Then the next day I might add garland or a bowl of ornaments. Until all of the decoration boxes are empty and all of our glorious Christmas spirit is on display! Then I sit back to admire my work and the kids comes in, all full of excitement (of course) and they ask, “Mom, can we decorate today??? Please?????” Reality bites. As do my festive decorating skills apparently!

Anywho, I do the best I can…

Today I started the slow process of undecorating. It’s kind of like backing away from an angry cat. I try not to let anyone notice  as each day I grab a few ornaments and deposit them back into their proper bins in the basement. I may take a few weeks before anyone notices. Plus, as I look at my dry, shedding tree all aglow in colored lights, I am reminded of the memories made over the last few weeks (and also of a story W told me about how her neighbor’s house burned down when their Christmas tree caught on fire…).  The moral of this story is that the tree will come down this week, but the garland might be up til mid February! (And it will make me smile as I remember Exploding Cats and an epic round of 7s! #NotEverythingThatHappenedIn2016Sucked Continue reading Backing Away From an Angry Cat