Life Changer

I did something life changing today, girls. I replaced all of the slippery plastic and bulky hangers in my mudroom coat closet with those slim, no slip ones, and then… wait for it… I hung all of our off season jackets in there! OMG. Why haven’t I done this before?! It is amazing. We all now have only the coats we are currently using hanging in our cubbies, and the rest are hanging neatly, standing by, ready for an unseasonably warm day. I feel so liberated. Three jackets were able to graduate to the donation bag in the garage, along with 8 pairs of outgrown shoes (thanks to no shoe drive at school this fall). I am doing a little dance of joy.

Em: Wow- big day there! I am forever battling coats. When the kids started school I hung coat hooks by the front door so they could grab their coats on the way out and put them away on the way in… Genius, right?!!?!? No, dumbass, because we almost never use our front door… Neither kid takes the bus in the morning and only one of them ever takes it home in the afternoon- AND even then, it’s only two times a week! So out of all of their comings and goings- only ONE kid uses the front door AND it’s only TWO times a week! So instead of making life easier………. I’ve added steps to our step counts… Holla!! So I guess I’ll take it as a win! (Never mind that neither kid ever knows where their coat, boots, hats etc. are. Where’s the fun in THAT???!?! ) Plus, Joe LOVES the smell of chaos in the morning;0)

W: Hey, what if you gave up on the idea of your kitchen being and eat-in kitchen for a while and relegated that space to a more mud room functionality…? Like use that wall space where your calendars are (who needs calendars anyway) for cubbies like I have? Or even move that black shelf over there and hang coats above it? Could the kids reach them…? Then where the black shelf currently is, you could do that cute shelf as a bar at the windows thing I saw on Pinterest. I am just going to call you about this right now… I bet you are at work…


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