Chicken Sweaters!

chicken sweater

OMG this is what you are trying to knit, isn’t it Em?! Consider yourself busted. Weirdo.

Em: First of all, I would never make my chickens look so nerdy. IF I choose to clothe my hens, I will first check the Kardashians’ latest instagrams and model my poultry fashion after what I find there. My chickens will have everything: ombres, jumpsuits, extra eyelashes, lip and butt implants, Uggs, giant earrings, etc. (you get the picture).

W: You have clearly given this some thought.

Em: If you lived with ANY girls, you would ¬†understand! I’ve been searching for just the right nail colors for the girls too… Big pedi nights coming up!!!!!

W: You are nuts, Stefon.

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