Drunk History

This show is the BOMB! Have you seen it?? Drunk History is pretty much what it sounds like- drunk people giving history lessons. The host visits someone at their house, the guest gets tanked, then tells an important story from American History. The stories are acted out by some pretty famous people- and there’s tons of swearing- hi-larious! Jack Black, Seth (from the office) and I’ll add more people later. And they lip sync to the drunk narrator!

It’s been the bright spot in my otherwise crappy May day filled with cold, gray, rainy weather, a migraine, AND a foot cramp! Seriously: Find it!

Em: Ryan Phillipe (sp?), the girl from 2 Broke Girls, Colin Hanks, Urkel

W: I can’t find it. Ok I found it online, but everywhere wants me to pay to watch it. Except Comedy Central – they have it free, but the video cuts off after about 3 seconds, so it’s just audio. Just audio sucks. On Demand won’t even admit to me that the show exists. Why is this so hard goddammit?!

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