all day nothing happened

I don’t have a picture for this. It was difficult to capture the nothingness. Not that I didn’t DO anything. I did stuff. I was busy all freakin’ day. Luckily the past few days have been chockablock, just back to back stuff, so I deliberately planned nothing – I knew I had catching up to do on things like a board meeting agenda, helping the kids and hub pack for Island Weekend, laundry… But it was the preparing for work that hogged up the lion’s share of my day. This Pilates teaching gig is time consuming! On top of the 500 hours required for certification, I devote endless hours class prep. Whether it is researching a client’s particular condition (diastasis recti, knee meniscus surgery, talus fracture, 4-months-in-a-boot recovery, pulled abdominal muscle, or just never done Pilates before) or trying to choreograph a class that flows AND that flows exactly 55 minutes, or 45 minutes, or 55 minutes but for 2 clients who know what they are doing and 2 who have never even heard of Pilates before but are all in one class together… Sometimes is a mat class, sometimes it’s a mat class with foam roller, sometimes it’s a reformer class, sometimes for a group, sometimes private. And if I am also taking a weekend training module then I am away-ish and learning a new piece equipment and teaching to peers in front of an instructor – that’s not nerve wracking at all. Yes it is. My head is swimming. But in a good way. I am enjoying the challenge. Luckily I don’t have to also work a regular full time job so I have time to commit to this. Maybe too much time…? I spend A LOT of time on class prep. But I also feel like with each class I teach, it is getting a little easier.

I have ordered my own home Pilates equipment. I am super excited to get my reformer/tower and exo chair! I ordered them last week. They said it would take about 2 weeks for me to get them so I am going to call for a status report. To be able to practice at home will be awesome. I practice with a friend who has a home studio that is gorgeous and filled with equipment. That’s not what I will have. I will have Pilates equipment in my basement, probably littered with Nerf bullets. Do you think I have to charge less per session on account of the bullets…?

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