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Everyone knows I have a sordid history with knives. The Prickerville incident, the Christmas ornament incident, the ham… needless to say, knife safety is a top priority in my house! (Tuck your fingers under- keep the tip of the knife down- cut away from your body)

The Main Event:

Its been cold and snowy in CT this March, so I have found myself daydreaming about Spring (just so we’re clear, by daydream- I mean incessantly pinning yard and gardening ideas on Pinterest). One thing I have learned is that banana peels are good sources of nutrients for vegetable gardens. I love bananas- I usually eat at least one a day- resulting in banana peels galore- a total score for my garden. You might think it’s okay to just toss your dead peel into the garden and be done with it, but it’s not. Number 1: gross. A bunch of dead banana peels filling up the garden looks gross. Number 2: (ha! Number 2! Hahaha!) you don’t want to invite wildlife into your vegetable garden to snack on dead banana peels. Number 3: danger! Banana peels are very slippery! It is recommended that the banana peels are chopped up into small bits before adding to your garden.

Two things about me, 1, I am a rule follower and 2, I love composting.  Now since the garden is currently snuggled in under a blanket of snow and I feel it’s in bad taste to throw all of my banana peels on top of the snow, I chose to add them to my tumbling composter. All winter I’ve been adding my coffee grounds and now with the addition of banana peels this is going to be the Mac Daddy of compost come Spring!

I’ve gotten into a groove- I have a small chopping block board  and my trusty, large chef’s knife (it makes quick work of the peels). The first week went amazing; I only had to pull my banana peels out of the trash twice! Old habits die hard) Then came Thursday and my past came back to haunt me (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, please refer to the preamble. That’s why I wrote it.) So I’m chopping through my banana peel, creeping my fingers back as I chop, when suddenly  my chopping hand got going a little quicker than my creeping hand! I did not lose a fingertip, but I did manage to shave off a portion of both fingernail AND finger. Not enough to find a chunk, but enough to bleed and hurt like crazy.  And now I have a finger (that was previously  protected by a nail) that now has NO protection. OUCH!!!!!!!!! All. The. Time.

The next day, in an effort to prep for a blizzard, I ran to Trader Joe’s and bought 5 bags of totilla chips (because they are that good) When I found THIS!!:

I think it was taunting me.

W: Is there anything else in your composter? I’m not sure banana peels and coffee grounds alone make dirt. Not that I’m an expert. But I will attest to whole peels looking gross just flung into the garden. I’ve done that. They hang around forever too. Turns out there is nothing in Illinois that naturally breaks down banana peels (besides sweet slow time). You seriously cut them up every day? Aside from that one accidental self stabbing incident a few years ago, I have pretty good knife skills. But not the will to apply them every time I enjoy and banana – which, like you, is nearly every day.  And coffee grounds go directly into the garden. I can’t even be bothered with the composter on that one. What has happened to me…? I used to be all over the composting. I might be the laziest person alive.

Is your finger ok, btw? And yes, that peel is totally taunting you. I hope you didn’t pick it up and take it home. You didn’t did you?

My dog is moaning. It is 6:30 and he wants his dinner. I am guessing my kids are going to want to eat soon too. Again.

E: my finger is fine- several weeks later and my nail is almost grown back.

Obviously,  I picked up the taunting peel, Why, pray tell, wouldn’t I?!!?!! I taught that little cuss a lesson too- julienned it right up! Ha! In. Your.  Face. banana peel!


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