What are doors for?

Thank goodness for helpful signage. 

Em: Also, I wish I had a video of this, but it was not possible as I was driving (and that would have been UNSAFE). Yesterday I saw a man on rollerblades pushing a bike. That’s a lot of wheels for one person!

Em: One more thing: May the 4th be with you. (and also to you).

Em: That’s it for now.

Em: Seriously, done.

Wend: And also with you. Let’s us pray…

Wend: I firmly believe that you can never have enough quality signage when it comes to how to get the F out of somewhere. But I do think there is a cap on wheels. And that sounds like too many.

Last summer I saw a man (its always a man doing these things isn’t it?) riding a bike, smoking a cigarette, drinking a beer, and talking on a cell phone. For a sex that claims to be not very good at multitasking, it seemed like a lot going on.

Em: How did he have enough hands for that??

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