Kids Talking Mostly Shit

My two boys were on the phone with Em’s son for like an hour today. On speaker. On the couch, while they watched football. I was in the kitchen getting dinner started and cleaning up some, so I was like 10 feet away the whole time. Every once in a while I would tune in and listen to what they were talking about for a minute, then tune back out again. I tuned out because the conversation was mostly just inanely annoying nonsense ranging from movie quotes to hypothetical video games. At one point I just wanted to shout at them to have a real conversation or hang up the freakin phone if they are just going to hang out talking mostly shit… And then I caught myself.

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I am ADD, an introvert, a mom, a wife, a runner, a pretty decent cook, a front yard gardener, an occasional snowboarder, and a mopper-upper of dog pee. Mother Nature gave me "resting bitch face" but I am actually pretty happy most of the time.

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