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My name is Wendy. I’m the one in the middle there. I have 2 sisters, Emily (on the left) and Ellen (the other one – with fire on her head). They both live on the east coast – Ellen in Boston, and Emily about two hours southeast of Boston, in CT. I live about 1000 miles away from home… out in the middle near Chicago. We also have 2 brothers and a mom and a dad who all live in CT – not the fancy NY part but the regular part. I, and my little subset family, are the only ones that live away. We miss hanging out together. Yeh, we are one of those families that would actually love to all live in one neighborhood or on a big compound together. I know that sounds crazy, but seriously, we love to be together.

I love my whole family a ton, but my sisters are far and away, my best friends. I am so lucky to have them. If you have ever wondered what it is like to have awesome sisters, then you are in the right place. This blog is your little window into our world…

W: How about we start a sisters blog called weeblog. We can tag team it and converse and brainstorm. Sometimes we can invite Joey to guest write. We can invite Matt too but I doubt he will do it.

El: I’m in!

Em: Finally! Someone share my skunk trapping stories with!

Why weeblog?

Autocorrect gave me evilblog. I like that too.

El: I prefer eweblog

Em: Maybe I like ewwblog

W: Wendy Emily Ellen

I like ewe too

Em: Also “we” are the ones doing it..

W: eew would probably be best as you two will have better stories than I will

Em: If we do wee – we won’t have to write a lot… It’s just a wee blog. It will appeal to the euros.

W: Yeh I feel like wee limits our commitment

El: Excellent point

Em: You know how I have commitment issues…

W: Maybe our first discussion should be about how we are pretty sure we are all going to start this with gusto and then taper until we are just mad that we made the commitment at all

Em: That’ll be fun. We can talk about how annoying it is that people want to read our blog…

Then we can one day change our name to weebog – and only talk about tiny cranberry farms

W: Ok I will get on this once I am home and at my computer with a hot cup of tea and no kids so I can focus and maybe not f this up

El: (absent from textversation for a bit) Sorry I’ve been going to town on cheese plate

Em: Trying to remember how to decorate

El: I decorated today!!

W: Hey we all have priorities. Exactly why we would share the blog…

Not me. I’ve done nothing but plan our futures

We’re probably going to be asked to write a book

Em: I have a bunch of decorations – but I pretty much stink at putting them up in a way that looks like I decorated…

It’ll be a book where you can read the pages in any order

Hard for us to follow a straight line

El: Perfect for the add crowd!

When we want to change topics, we can just shout LOOK! SOMETHING SHINY!

W: You had me at LOOK

Em: The Top 50 Cities to See in Your Lifetime  –

I’ve been to 4. How bout you?

El: I only have 3 decorations. Plus Christmas tree, which we haven’t done yet. Don’t be too impressed.

Em: “Wow”

*Blah blah blah Christmas decorations, fitbit, steps, runners…*

Em: Sagamore (posts pic of her new fav cocktail, a Sagamore Highball  – it’s delicious)

W: That’s a nice looking cocktail

Em: Holla!

El: So who gets to pen next year’s PSL posting on weeblog?

W: That will be a group one

El: It’s going to be epic!

I will have a series on interesting things I see on the street: used pants, early morning ice cream cones, AAA battery delivery & installation… Full of ideas!

Em: What is PSL?

El: Pumpkin. Spice. Latte.

Em: Ewwwww!

W: I will start compiling discussion topics for us

El: Kirk (one of Ellen’s 2 dogs) wants to be a guest blogger.

*Discussion about Hamish (Wendy’s dog) and Em’s chicken’s also guest writing. No interesting detail*

Em: I have ideas too…

Only I can’t think of any right now!

El: Suburban wildlife management

(circle back up to Em’s first comment at the beginning)

 And so Our Wee Blog is born. You’re welcome.

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