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Wendy Ann Gates White

I grew up in Connecticut – not the fancy part – the regular part.

At 22, I fled to California for 6 months where I worked in a taco shop. Then I moved back to Connecticut to help my mom open a kitchen store. The store is no more, but it was fun while it lasted. Then I spent a few years working for a pharmaceutical company doing some pretty cool stuff, and some boring stuff too. Then I moved out to California, again, and met my husband -yay!

Work, wine country, snowboard, repeat.

Career change! I volunteered, teaching outdoor stuff to elementary school kids.
Got married. Got pregnant. Had fraternal twin boys –  yay!
Moved to a Boston suburb when our boys were 4 months old, stayed for 5 years.

Moved to a Chicago suburb. Got a dog – Hamish is an Old English Sheepdog with spring loaded legs and belligerent affection for everyone he meets. He is 100% sure the next person he meets is going to be the BEST! I like his optimism, but not everyone appreciates it. If you lean over to greet him, he will pee on your shoes. We moved to Colorado for 8 months a couple of years ago. It was awesome. We snowboarded and mountain biked and hiked a lot. Then we came back to Chicago. We don’t do any of that fun stuff here.

We like to grow veggies in our tiny, front yard, suburban garden.



Weird, I also grew up in CT… Middle child- All. The. Way.

Let’s see, quick history: Went to UConn- Go Huskies! Good times… Went back to school for teaching, got married, became a 4th grade teacher, bought a house, had a kid, left teaching, then had another, living the dream!

If you’re wondering how I came to write a blog… so am I!  I don’t really enjoy writing, and am typically not very good at it- seems like a perfect fit!

Wendy, sent a message asking my Ellen and I if we wanted to do a blog together. I knew Ellen would say yes, and I definitely didn’t want to be left out- so, I immediately said yes too!  Voila – now, I’m a writer! (ish)

I live in a suburb of Hartford (glorious Hartford) CT with my husband and two kids.  Our town has EVERYTHING! There’s the notorious drag strip called the Berlin Turnpike where the roar of testosterone engines can be heard every Friday and Saturday night.  The elusive Snowbird Twirler can also be spotted around Memorial Day in these parts.  What’s a Snowbird Twirler you ask? You know,  it’s that thing where a lady dons a sequenced leotard, and gleefully twirls her baton while marching in the Memorial Parade through the center of town… It’s something To behold. And, a surprising amount of wildlife for a densely populated suburb – most of it  congregating at my house!  More about that later. And no, we don’t want them here.  We do everything we can to NOT have animals at our house (our kids are lucky we let them stay).

I like to think of us as suburban homesteaders (we watch a lot of TV programs about Alaskan homesteaders)  We do a fair amount of  construction projects on our home (it’s really just one project, but it’s taking a reaaallllly long time), we have a garden and chickens, plus we wear rubber boots around the yard – we’ve pretty much got all the important homesteading stuff covered.


Ellen Claudia Gates

My background is surprisingly similar to my sisters’–grew up in small town CT with 2 brothers, 2 sisters, a very close family, etc.  Wendy’s dog Hamish has peed on my shoes more than once.  He likes me a lot.

I’m the corporate sell-out of the family:  I have a desk job.  And you know what?  It’s the BEST!  I have a nice place to go every day: it is well lit, offers free coffee and is populated with generally friendly people.  They even gave me my own iPhone!  The view is just OK, but let’s not be greedy–one can’t have everything.  Twice a month, money appears in my checking account.  It’s a pretty good deal–a far cry from the academic lifestyle I set out for, but in a good way.

I live in the lovely Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, which is sufficiently quaint to meet my dogs’ standards.  My husband and I say hello to our neighbors and accept (dog) treats from proprietors and strangers alike.  Occasionally we go on fantastic vacations:  Turkey, Nicaragua, Lao PDR, Albania, etc.  We lived in Chicago for a few years, but eventually became homesick for real pizza and had to come home.

I take a lot of photos of my 2 dogs, especially when they are sleeping.  You will probably see them here occasionally.

In late 2014, I became a part-time blogger.

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  1. Em, I think it’s “sequined” not “sequenced”–that is, if you are talking about shiny little discs sewn to the leotard. If you are actually talking about the leotard having some sequence applied to it, then please disregard.

    1. You guys are lame! The drafts of About Us that I read did not have personal history in them! Just some stuff about who we are. Now- I have NO HISTORY- just current crap. Harrumph!

  2. Love. The. Blog. And you three are awesome– Wendy, Alex used to pee on shoes and legs all the time. 🙂 dogs get excited.

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