I refinished a table 3

Chiseling out the fishes turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be.

The table was still pretty dirty. I removed hardware and sanded that. I removed all the mismatched screws and found replacements – most matching. I sanded and sanded and sanded. It was taking forever. Then I began to wonder if perhaps I could have made much swifter progress had I started out with grittier sandpaper. Was I being too gentle, stripping the wood with 220? Hell yeh I was. Back to Ace Hardware, hello 100. Things happened pretty quickly from here – minus the 10 day vacation, vacation recovery time, the start of school, and I got a job (more on that another time). I lost a little momentum there for a while, but once I finally started back at it magic began to happen.

Of course I forgot to take pictures at this point.

And then like 4 coats of polyurethane later and still not a smooth finish, I make the call, “Dad, I can’t get it smooth.” “Did you try wet sanding?”


And then it was done. Well, nearly. The new screws I used to attach the legs to the table top were just a touch too long… SON OF A FLIPPING NUTCRACKER!!! Yeh, they splintered through the finally, beautifully finished table top. Many expletives. I wanted to poke my eyeballs out with my own fingers. How could I be so stupid? More swearing. Maybe some tears. All, very gloriously, in front of my gob smacked children. So, instead of hauling the whole damn thing out to the trash and setting it aflame like I wanted to do, I had to take a deep breath, put on my big girl pants, and get out the sandpaper and polyurethane, and start fixing the mistake I made. Which, by the way, the kids were kinda pissed about. My table had been hogging up a lot of space for kind of a long time in the basement where they and their friends like to hang out. Too bad – I needed a couple more days.

and THEN… ta-da!

Looks pretty much the same as the other picture. You’ll just have to trust me that there were holes and I fixed them. So now it is finished and settling into it’s new home and job…¬†






Seriously?!?! Reattaching the latch, guess what I did? Yup, made a new crack. This one is staying for now, though. I’m still done.


Trucks Didn’t Happen

Tonka truck work didn’t happen today… again… still… I finished the book I was reading instead – the very last of the Outlander books. I have been living in them pretty solidly since April. Now I feel like a lose end… Perfect for projects like these damn trucks, right?! The paint cans are still on the floor in the mudroom. And the trucks are still piled up out on the porch.

Tonka Truck Dremel

I don’t even have a pic for the Dremeling I did today. I ¬†seriously have nothing to show for the nearly 2 hours I spent hunched over one truck. The little wire brush is slow going on all the rust and chipping paint. Way slower than I thought it would be. Maybe once I wipe it down it will look noticeably different… Unfortunately, I have run out of caring about this project for right now.

Project Tonka Truck

Started a new project today: Tonka Truck Restoration

Step 1: cleaning
Step 1: cleaning

These beauties have been under the deck for about 4 years now – pretty much since we moved here. This makes me sad. Before we moved here, my boys l-o-v-e-d these trucks. Had them out every day hauling dirt, mulch, piles-o-weeds, and racing around. Woe-betide the poor toad captured by their wee small hands, for it was destined for the ride of it’s life stuffed into the cab of one these trucks. A toad driving a dump truck – life just didn’t get any funnier for my kiddos. I set many a dazed and confused amphibian free during nap time.

Anyhoo… Mom saved my Tonka truck for my kids to play with, so now I find myself hoping to do the same. I had the boys drag them out into the grass, and start cleaning them up. Then I cleaned them myself. Spent a couple of hours today scraping tape and Magic Erasering Sharpie. There is still a ton of tape adhesive that I can’t work off… largely due to my short attention span.

Tomorrow, I Dremel…